Exciting times as Australian General Practice Network reinvents itself.

AAGP has been off the air for some time but for important reasons as we undergo some major changes in structure. The Australian Association of General Practice ( AAGP). is an Independent organisation which was founded and led by GPs, formed many years ago has been revitalized in these challenging times

Our new organisation is here to represent GPs, support General Practice in practical ways and advocate at an Australian Government level directly and in representative positions on influential committees.

To be truly representative of GPs we need all the existing GP Networks to be members of AAGP. There are also opportunities for GPs who do not have a local GP Network to join as an individual.

Interestingly many GP networks have survived or reformed. A list will be included in the newsletter but if you know of any others let us know by emailing David at david.singe@aagp.net.au

Current Board Members of AAGP are Dr Rod Pearce (Adelaide), Dr Nick Demediuk (Melbourne), Dr Graeme Downe (Melbourne), Dr Jayne Ingham(Brisbane) and David Singe is a non medical director and CEO of AAGP. Recently the board met with agencies interested in breast screening in Canberra to explore improved co-operation with the breast screen initiatives & General Practice. There are a number of other clinical areas we are endeavouring to assist the general practice in a pragmatic fashion; expect to have regular news postings on this site. We welcome input/ suggestions from GPs & GP organizations how AAGP can assist general practice & the health system generally.